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There are some festivals which are specific to Chinese people and have huge impact on consumer’s behavior. Launching tailored campaigns for these special days, occasions or any other purposes can bring you huge profit and reputation. With a deep understanding of our people’s consuming psychology and behavior and by tracking the latest trend in e-commerce closely, we can help you ensure a long-term business success in China.
Online Marketing

Chinese Market is huge and different
China, a fast-growing market of 1.3 billion people, holds enormous potential for businesses looking to expand to new markets. However, everything about marketing, from SEO/SEM, the platforms and social channels to consumer behavior, is very different in China. To succeed, you have to play by the “Chinese” rules.

Localize Your Marketing Strategy
To have your products, website and documents properly localized is the first and foremost step in your global expansion efforts. Furthermore, you need to localize your marketing. As a local-based company, we have a deep understanding of Chinese culture, people’s preferences and consumption patterns. With our expertise in online content marketing, we can tailor a marketing solution that meets your business objective while staying within your marketing budget.
Weibo Marketing

Simply put, Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter which is blocked in China. China’s Weibo now has up to 340 million active users each month. In China, Weibo is a must-have marketing tool for a company. We can create and operate a Weibo account for you. This will greatly increase your brand exposure and brand authority in China.
Wechat Marketing

WeChat accounts for nearly 30% of all Chinese mobile daily use time. It is an essential and outstanding marketing tool for business to enter the Chinese market. We can help you set up your official account on Wechat and manage it for you. Our writers will work closely with you to capture your desired tone to create content which can engage people effectively while remain true to your brand.
Portal Websites

By crafting marketing content for you and posting it on the most reputable general or industry portals in China, we help you put your brand in front of the right users at the right time. You will have higher chances to be positioned as an international authority in your field. This will expand your audience and create brand awareness.

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