Working Processes

Since localization projects always have a tight schedule and involve a lot of tasks and resources, a refined and consistent project management process must be in place. Based on our solid experience, we defined all tasks and steps in clear details, and optimized them. With specialized client management, project management and resource management tools, we can fully control the duration and quality of every task, securing final delivery time and overall quality.

With reference to “Specifications for the Language Service Industry in China”, as well as Translation Style Guides from industry-leading companies, also based on our over10-year experience in localization industry, we developed our own “Translation and Localization Style Guide for Chinese”, which provides details about language style, rules for voice, formatting and guidelines. All of our team members are required to strictly follow the Guide to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Based on LISA QA model, ISO 9000 and built-in QA tools of CAT software, we customized our QA model. Each step in the workflow must be successfully completed before moving to the next step till the project is fully completed and delivered to the client.

A QA process is applied throughout the workflow. Your dedicated project manager supervises the progress and quality of each stage, and seamlessly communicate with you to keep you posted, consult with you on all your requirements and provide professional advices.

Our basic workflow is as follows:

Schedule and resource allocation
When receiving a project from you, a dedicated project manager is assigned. The project manager will analyze the project, tailor a team to your project requirements and create a breakdown schedule.

The DTP engineer prepares files for translation. The translator leader is responsible for creating a glossary and a project-specific guide and preparing reference material.
Translator(s) starts to translate files under strict schedule control.

Review and Proofread
(1) Reviewer(s) reviews translations carefully and thoroughly, fixing any errors possible.
(2) A technical proofreader with expertise in the specific field goes through the reviewed translations to ensure they are free of technical inaccuracies.
(3) Printout a hard copy. A linguistic proofreader check and polish the translations.

The DTP engineer performs tasks like compiling, typesetting, graphic creation, multimedia creation, testing, etc.

Final Check-off and delivery

Free Test Translation
Native Translators Only
On-time Delivery
Quality Assurance
———————— All translations are done by native translators
Centralized project management and strict QA process
—————On-time delivery is guaranteed with streamlined working process
—————— We offer a FREE test translation service

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