Our Team

Our focus on long-term relationships with staff is reflected through clear communication of expectations, performance-based recognition and advancement, and an environment that supports employees' professional development. Our staff is held to standards of accountability, integrity, creativity, and competency. The dedication, skills, and integrity of our staff are key to our success.
Our Translators
All of our translators, reviewers and proofreaders are seasoned professionals with strong technical backgrounds. For technical translation, expert translators, reviewers, and proofreaders are appointed in accordance to the field and requirements of each project to achieve flawlessness in both technical and linguistic terms. While encouraging every translator to give full play to his/her own expertise, we hold to a high standard of consistency in terminology and translation style. We have particular expertise in marketing translation. Our experienced translators have in-depth marketing knowledge and qualifications. With a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target market and audience, we take into account all cultural and linguistic considerations and ensure the maximum impact of your marketing content.
Our Engineers
Our localization and DTP engineers have solid experience in dealing with complicated projects. Whether software localization, website localization, document typesetting, or image and animation processing, we take a holistic approach to deal with function, language, culture and other considerations, creating an identical or even improved copy in target language over the original one. We can properly support your needs in function, language, culture and aesthetics, meeting and even exceeding your expectations.
Our Project Managers
When starting a new project with us, a project manager will be assigned to manage every phase from start to finish. The project manager is your main point of contact and will work closely with you and provide professional advices maintaining proactive communication so there are no surprises, keeping you well informed every step of the way.
Our translators, reviewers, proofreaders, software localization engineers, DTP engineers, and project managers work seamlessly together to maximize productivity and guarantee the best result for every project.
Free Test Translation
Native Translators Only
On-time Delivery
Quality Assurance
———————— All translations are done by native translators
Centralized project management and strict QA process
—————On-time delivery is guaranteed with streamlined working process
—————— We offer a FREE test translation service

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