We have outstanding translators with various professional backgrounds, strict working process and efficient quality control measures, ensuring the top-level quality of our translations. We translate between English and Chinese, including Simplified Chinese (targeted to Mainland of China), Traditional Chinese (targeted to Taiwan), and Cantonese (targeted to Hongkong).
Our areas of expertise include:
Software & Hardware
Medical Equipment
Finance & Banking
Business & Marketing
Legal Materials
Technical Translation
For translation of technical documents, such as product specifications, white papers and user guides, the following requirements apply:
 Loyalty to source language
 Accuracy
 Use correct terminology
 Consistency in terminology, sentences structure and style
 Good clarity and readability
We only use professionals with subject-specific technical backgrounds to translate technical documents. Our translators possess not only proficiency in both source and target languages but also an in-depth knowledge of the specific technical field.
Marketing Translation
Good marketing content is a key driver to establish a strong international reputation and increase revenues. If you want to enter global markets and targeting different language groups at home, having your marketing copy translated in target language is necessary. While remaining true to the corporate brand, the translated copy should cater to the local culture and consumer habits, and resonate with the target audience. Due to cultural differences, in some cases, straight translation is not enough, and transcreation services are needed. Along with translation and transcreation, we perform a cultural assessment and provide feedback and market insight to ensure your message is creatively adapted, communicates effectively and stays on brand.
Legal Translation
When it comes to legal translations, a translator is required to have an extensive knowledge of law and to understand local cultures and sociological nuances of those cultures in order to convey the message across sufficiently. Accuracy of a legal document translations depends largely on word selection and syntax.
We employ a three-layer process for legal translation: translation, editing, and reviewing (or proof-reading). The translation is done by a translator who has a legal background and legal translation expertise. The content is then edited by a second legal translator and fully reviewed by a proofreader.

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