Software Localization
Localization is a key strategy for companies seeking to promote software or APP products in new markets. Software localization is the process of adapting the functionality, user interface (UI), on-line help, and multimedia assets of a software product to the specific language and cultural preferences of the target market.

Website Localization
A website is crucial for growing business and driving leads and sales. Audiences always prefer to browse websites in their native language. If your website is only available in English version, you are risking to lose non-English spoken customers. We provide website localization and content management services to localize websites (including texts, pictures, multi-media and scripts) into Simplified Chinese (targeted to Mainland China) and/or Traditional Chinese (targeted to Taiwan and Hong Kong), eliminating language barrier and cultural differences.

Our Services
Our software , APP, Website and Multimedia localization services include:


Translation of user interface, help files, manuals and other documents
Function test, language test and interface test
Software re-engineering, compiling, adjusting interfaces, double-byte enabling, etc.
Taking screen shots, typesetting, graphic works, etc.
Our combined expertise in software development, design and testing and in translation can ensure successful localization of your products, driving dramatic user growth in China.

Free Test Translation
Native Translators Only
On-time Delivery
Quality Assurance
———————— All translations are done by native translators
Centralized project management and strict QA process
—————On-time delivery is guaranteed with streamlined working process
—————— We offer a FREE test translation service

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